Monday, 16 May 2011

My Current Space Marine Project- 2000 Points

Hi all,

This list is to go with the Space Marine army I'm currently painting.

Now, I've got a Battle Company + of unpainted Marine models kicking about. That means it's about time to put paint to plastic, and get at least a few of these guys table-ready. It also means that this list is less about effectiveness, and more about painting 2000 points of table-ready models that I can throw-down for pick-up games- once I start playing them, I'll be able to paint up new units to play with in the future.

So- what models do I want to paint?

Space Marine Captain on Bike
Ironclad Dreadnought
Jump-Pack Librarian

OK- so that gives me a few units to work with, and also gives me pointers as to what else I need to paint. The Librarian will need an escort, so I'll need a 10 man Assault Squad. The Captain allows Bikes as Troops, so a big unit of Bikers can come out to play- 8 Bikers with Attack Bike. The Ironclad will need a Drop Pod, and the Terminators will need a transport- so 1 Land Raider.

At this point, the list is also low on Troops choices (just the Bikers) and it would make sense to paint up at least a few of the Tactical Marines languishing in my Carry Case- so 2 units in Rhino will also go in. Looking at that selection, I'm also going to call the Captain Kor'Sarro Khan (the benefit of personalising my Chapter) and put him on Moon'Drakken. That gives the following:

Kor'Sarro Khan on Moon Drakken
Librarian with Jump Pack
5 Assault Terminator- 3 Lightning Claws, 2 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield
Ironclad Dreadnought- 2 Heavy Flamers, Assault Grenades, 2 Hunter Killer
Drop Pod
10 Tactical Marines- Missile Launcher, Flamer, Power Sword
10 Tactical Marines- Multi-melta, Meltagun, Power Fist
8 Bikers- Power Fist, Attack Bike
10 Assault Marines- Flamer, Power Fist
Land Raider

That's a total of 1945 points. Throw in a Multi-melta Attack Bike (because I like them) and throw 5 points on Meltabombs for the Librarian, and it's done! 2K on the nose.

Plan wise- well, every now and again I'll reserve everything and Outflank, sometimes I'll refuse flank; really, this is a flat-out standard Marine army. It is not amazing in any 1 area, but it can cope with many situations- the greatest risk to it is coming up against an optimised list in the hands of an experienced opponent. Then again, that's the fun of it too :)

Comments, as always, are welcome.

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