Monday, 16 May 2011

Lord of the Rings Black Ships List- 750 points

Hi all,

This is my current Evil LotR army.

This list is built up of Corsairs of Umbar and Easterlings. Why that combination?- Because this is the faction I play in War of the Ring, and it translates quite nicely into LotR. Now, I don't want any Haradrim- there aren't any in my WotR army, so none in LotR either. Basically, I don't like the models of the Haradrim infantry, and having painted 2 Mumaks for other people, I never want to see another one again. So they're out. On the other hand, the Easterling models are lovely, and Pirates are cool no matter what the game system is.

So what do I take?

Dalamyr, Fleetmaster of Umbar.

Named Heroes help define an army in LotR, so I like to take one in an army just to add a bit of flavour. Couple that with my love of Hasharin, and Dalamyr is a bit of a no-brainer. Plus, Aragorn hates his bombs!

To go with Dalamyr, every fleet needs a Captain and a couple of enforcers, so there's some minor Heroes:

Captain of Umbar- Crossbow
Bo'Sun of Umbar- Crossbow
Bo'Sun of Umbar

That's a few Banners, plenty of Might points and enough Heroes to keep the force unified- now they need followers:

10 Corsairs of Umbar- Spear
10 Corsairs of Umbar- Shield
9 Corsiars of Umbar- Bow

That's the fleet element sorted- everyone has a throwing weapon, plenty of spear defence and good fight values. Of course that's all offset by the fact that they can all be slain by an incontinent Sparrow! Luckily, the second part of my list consists of Easterlings:

Easterling Captain- Halberd
Easterling Warrior- Banner
10 Easterling Warriors- Shield
9 Easterling Warriors- Spear, Shield

And that's 749 points! 5 Heroes, 54 models in total, and a decent spread of stats and abilities. Of course there are a few weaknesses- no Cavalry, no Magic. As I paint up models for these, I'll re-structure the list to reflect it, but right now- all of this is painted and ready to use, and it makes a decent force.

Comments, as always, are welcome.

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