Monday, 16 May 2011

Lord of the Rings Erebor List- 750 points

Hi all,

This is my LotR Dwarf army, built using the Erebor list from Legions- no particular reason, just fits my collection.

Now, the one thing I've found with Dwarves is that they need to synergise. Filling out a list with 1 choice can be good in Tournaments, but across all the scenarios in LotR it can be limiting, so I try and keep a decent spread of models between Warriors and Rangers. A) they are cheap and B) you really don't need anything else!

Although Gimli is tempting, I don't like the idea of always playing a member of the Fellowship- it just puts me in the wrong mindset. So I've taken Balin with Durin's Axe instead. Provides plenty of flavour to the army (especially when my opponent has a Balrog)!

I also tend to split my force into 2 groups, and so I've found that having a few cheap Heroes kicking about to keep them together is useful. That gives me:

Balin- Durin's Axe
Captain- 2-handed Weapon
Captain- Shield

The rest of the list is Banners, Rangers and Warriors.

Warrior- Banner
Warrior- Banner
10 Warriors- Shield
7 Warriors- Dwarf Bow
7 Warriors- 2-handed Weapon
10 Rangers- 2-handed Weapon
9 Rangers- Bow
8 Rangers- Throwing Weapon

That's it! Not a lot I know (3 Heroes, 54 models total) but with a front line of Defence 8, it doesn't need to be! High Fight values are always welcome, and the basic plan usually consists of taking the charge on the Shield Warriors then countering with Rangers. The great Weapon Warriors are there to defend the missile-troops.

Comments, as always, are welcome

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