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2000 points Grey Knights Spearhead

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This is the Spearhead list for this article, designed to show off some of the Grey Knight armoury. It focuses on taking out enemy armour and mobility, which are interesting challenges within the Codex. It will also use Spearhead formations, so it's probably worthwhile downloading the rules here (you will need  to register a Games Workshop account, if you haven't already.)

One of the great things about Spearhead is that nothing is compulsory, so all of the points can be spent wherever you like! For that reason, it's worth taking a long, hard look at the HQ's to decide if they really are a necessary part of the battle plan. In fact, there is only one "compulsory" choice in my mind for the Grey Knights- the Mechanised Assault Spearhead:

Land Raider- multi melta
Land Raider- multi melta
Land Raider- multi melta
5 Terminators- 2 Daemon Hammer
5 Terminators- 2 Daemon Hammer
5 Terminators- 2 Daemon Hammer

OK- that's a fair chunk of points! In fact, there's only 545 points left! However, that unit will come on turn 1 from Outflank, fire 3 Twin-linked Lascannons from moving at combat speed, a further 3 Twin-linked Lascannons from Power of the Machine Spirit and then 3 Multi-melta from being a Spearhead. All at different targets if necessary. That's 9 Targets reliably engaged into their side or rear armour. Any tanks left, can either be assaulted by the Force-Bane-Thunder Hammers of the Terminators, or any Infantry revealed are going to be assaulted. The trick will be to engage vehicles at range with the guns- pick the targets furthest away, then work inwards- your assault can work outwards!

Right, what else do the Grey Knights need? Well, looking at the Missions, 2 of them require that objectives are held- shouldn't be a problem. The other requires that scoring units (Vehicles, Walkers, Troops, Spearheads) finish the game in the enemy deployment zone. So all we really need to do is support the Mechanised Assault. To do this, those units need 2 of the following- range, durability, speed. That rules out a few things, but does leave 2 interesting options:
  1. Monstrous Spearhead, made up of Nemesis Dreadknights
  2. Skystorm Spearhead, of Storm Raven and infantry.
Personally, I don't think that the Dreadknights be will much use in this environment, due to the firepower that enemy can put out in Spearhead and the fact that they'd be the only thing starting on the board, so the Skystorm it is:

Storm Raven: Multi-melta
10 Purifier- Daemonhammer, 3 Psycannon, Psybolt Ammo

That's 2000 points on the nose! So, 2 formations, 1 is guaranteed to arrive turn 1 from outflank and (hopefully!) murder a fair portion of the enemy force, the other is your late-game objective grabber, or gap-filler if you need it. Also, if your opponent has brought a Horde unit or army, use the Purifiers to maximum effect- 3 Psycannon and Cleansing Flame will put paid to even the strongest mob (don't forget the Storm Raven's missiles either!)

The Plan- Hold everything in reserve, turn 1 the Mechanised Assault squadron comes on from the flank and puts paid to a fair whack of the enemy (engaging, potentially, 9 separate armoured units at range!) before assaulting with 15 Terminators. The Skystorm formation provides an attack of opportunity, or an objective grab when they arrive. Simple!

Comments, as always, are welcome.

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